Real SBI! Stories From The SBIer Forums

SBI! OVERdelivers results. That gives us a problem...

We receive wayyyyyyyyyyy more testimonials and emotional stories than we can publish. That includes all the success that SBI! owners recount in the SBI! Forums (a private resource for SBI! owners.)

SBI! literally changes lives for the better. Think about how your life could be impacted by your own successful, profitable Web business that delivers freedom, independence and security for a lifetime!

Here are just a few more stories, these ones re-published word-for-word from the SBI! forums, every one of them verifiable by you...

No Such Thing As Luck With E-business Success

This is a story of a tale of struggle, failure, and one SBer's ultimate path to freedom.

So many people think that these stories are by "lucky people." Luck has NOTHING to do with it.

(Another) Government Came Calling

Branch of the US Government calls on this SBIer to teach writing. "Another great story to tell," she says.

A Tortoise Story: First day > 3000 visitors

Pressing job, 2 young children, and other life circumstances often leave you with no choice but to make long-term, tortoise decisions.

Dominique's post shows how 5-year plans come true.

Business-Growing Lessons Of A Success Story

An SBI! owners sent Ken a private e-mail about her SBI! experience. It contained so many superb lessons that he decided to share it (with her permission).

Do Success Stories Deflate/Discourage You? Read This.

Do success stories deflate/discourage you? For some, reading about the successes of others can seem so incredibly far away. That was true for this SBIer.

Ex-Soldier Finds His Niche! Thank You Ken and SBI!

A soldier home from two tours in Iraq discovers SBI!. His impressions of SBI! tie into the talk, walk and run technique of the army.

I Created My Retirement (At 39)

Roberto describes in detail how he re-created his life by building an SBI! site to sell a dating ebook.

SBI! sites compete in even the most competitive niches.

It Is Not Always About The Money (Part I)

This post tells the remarkable story of how an Australian woman is using her SBI! site to impact the lives of orphans in South Africa.

It Is Not Always About The Money (Part II)

A little over a year ago, Sandy posted what was merely the beginning of her incredible ride. She writes, "it is amazing what you can achieve if no one takes the credit!"

It's Official....Quitting My Day Job

What could be doing what you want to do, when you want to do it, and earn income doing it?

Some of our favorite posts are the "I quit the day job" posts.

I've Given Birth!

A long and winding road finds this 50+ year old marathon runner at SBI!.

Only a marathon runner could endure the long and painful road (including 2 failed attempts at WordPress) that ended up at SBI! and burgeoning success.

My First $10,000 Month! Thank You SBI!

Christine recounts how she turned her life around in 3-and-a-half years.

She went from debt-and-poor-health to solid income, living the life she wants.

My Husband Is Bragging About Me :)

Powerful story of self-actualization and what it means, at a very real level.

Not Resting On These Laurels!

From a mistake-filled beginning to over 4,000 unique visitors per day.

This SBIer has some excellent habits that are propelling her to rapidly growing success, self-reliance and true independence.

Partners in Life and Business

An inspiring story of a husband and wife SBI! team. Don't miss the part about meeting on the porch for cocktails and SBI! talk at the end of the day.

What's keeping YOU from leading the life YOU want to live?

Poster boy for The Tortoise

A wonderful, patient story about how a part-time SBIer tortoises steadily ahead and converts what he knows, concrete, into information about it (e-concrete).

SBI! Has Brought My Family Together

How does a website about the Wisconsin Northwoods bring two sisters together (and the rest of the family for that matter) together?

Setting Goals and Meeting Them - Met My Biggest Goal Ever!

Lady Gaga says that there's a superstar in everyone, a belief we firmly hold, too.

Standing Tall, Proud, And Confident...Thanks To SBI!

An SBIer's first-ever post to the Forums after 2 years. This SBIer explains how she "quit the day job" AND earns substantially more while doing something she loves.

This E-mail Made My Day

It's hard to put a price on feedback like this for this SBIer. It's also a sure sign that you're not creating "pap."

That's real BBQ info coming out of his brain and into the lives of others "Add value and keep it real."

What A Difference!

SBIer explains how she has grown a site to 1,000 visitors/day in her first year, comparing it to a previous experience elsewhere.

WHAT happened in the last 5 years?!

A Stay-At-Home Mom starts from scratch and builds an online business that helps others, earns income and that builds true value ("equity").

She sells the business. The best part? She can do it all over again in her spare time.

You Wanna See Lemons Turn Into Lemonade?

Come see what this SBIer does with an incredible litany of problems. BAM (Brain - Attitude - Motivation) are all important for your online success.

The Twitter-Spammer, The NY Cab Driver, And YOU

A Twitter-spammer and a nice cab driver in New York show us how to take REASONABLE steps to reduce risk & preserve capital.

Live in a place that you love, doing what you love, all the while minimizing risk and perhaps increasing returns.